PopUp Chorus ® is available for your special event. If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, fundraiser, or any other celebration, and want an experience that will bring your people together, hire PopUp Chorus! We provide your guests with a unique experience that uses the power of music to connect people, while helping to ensure that your attendees have a blast at your special event.

PopUp Chorus does not bring singers. On the contrary, our experienced and talented conductor, Allan Friedman, gets all of your people singing! We turn your group into a PopUp Chorus and magnify their fun by backing them with a band of professional musicians. 

 Your guests don’t think they are good singers? It doesn’t matter! We remind folks that anyone who sings in their shower or car is a singer who should sing with others and have fun, regardless of their vocal ability! Our job is to facilitate the singing; helping people let go, leave their doubts at the door, and feel the joy of singing as a group.

We have been hired to lead PopUp Choruses at celebrations and events of all kinds, providing a unique and memorable way to help people relax and connect more quickly. We turn strangers into friends and don’t just melt the ice – we explode it!  Previous clients include UNC, Duke, Citrix Go To Meeting, North Carolina Museum of Art, FHI 360, SwitchPoint, as well as numerous private celebrations.

In consultation with us, you select song(s) that are meaningful and special to you. At a wedding, the bride and groom select the song(s) that they want to sing with their guests, creating an additional magical, musical memory for their special day. For a fundraiser, you pick a song that resonates with your message so that we can warm up your guests for some generous giving. Your gala event activity will be fresh, innovative and fun! Whatever the nature or your event, we will find the right songs with you.

In addition to collaborating on song choice, you have the option of choosing to record and film your guests singing. We work with experienced professionals - filmmaker Zach Stamey of Focus Media and Al Wodarski, an audio engineer from NPR station WUNC Radio - to capture the magic and fun.

The short film above tells you more about who we are, what we do, and how hiring PopUp Chorus can make your event unique and successful. We use the power of music and singing to bring people together for an extraordinarily fun activity that creates magical, musical memories. Hire PopUp Chorus® and help ensure your guests have a blast!

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